2021       M.F.A.   University of Arkansas, Ceramic Art
2016.8     M.F.A. EWHA Womans University, Ceramic Art Studio
2014.2     B.A. EWHA Womans University, Ceramic Art Studio


Awards & Fellowship
2018      Graduate Assistantship Fellowship, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, US
2017       Excellence in Research publication, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2016       Ewha Graduate Research Fellowship,\ Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2015       Ewha Graduate Research Fellowship, Ewha Womans University,  Seoul, Korea
2014       Admission Scholarship, Department of Ceramic Art, Ewha Womans Univesity, Seoul, Korea
                Special Prize, Korea Ceramics Competition, Incheon, Korea
                Special Prize, Danwon Art Festival, Suwon, Korea
2013       Arising Arts award, Department of Ceramic Art, Ehwa Womans University, Seoul, Korea
               Academic Scholarship, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2012       Presidential Scholarship, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Aspen, CO, US
2011       Study abroad Scholarship, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
               Honors Scholarship & Academic Scholarship, Department of Ceramic Art,
               Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2013-2017   Dean’s list, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibition
2016       <Maternal Effect; i love to you>, incubator 52, Seoul


Group Exhibition
2018.5       <Ewha Art Festival>, Ewha Art Center, Seoul
2017.8       <Still life scenery>, Sanwoolim Art and Craft, Seoul
2017.6       <Dialogue with Clay>, Tendense Internationale Frankfurt Herbstmesse,   Frankfurt,  Germany
2016.12     <dialogue>, gallery CHOI, Seoul
2016.8       <After, Beyond Limitations>. Clayarch Museum, Gimhae
2016.5       <21 Contemporary>, Gyeomjae Jungsun Museum, Seoul
2015.10     <Asia Contemporary Ceramic Art Show>, Hangzhou, China
2015.8        <Beyond Limitations>, Clayarch Museum, Gimhae
2015.5        <kairos; B301>, EWHA Womans University, Seoul
2015.3        <Ceramic and Stoneware>, EWHA Art Center, Seoul
2015. 1       <Merchandising>, Gallery Bonun, Seoul
2014. 12     <Korea Ceramics Competition>, Incheon Culture Center, Incheon
2014. 11     <Danwon Art Festival>, Danwon Museum, Ansan
2014. 8       <Ceramic Convergence>, Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2014. 8       <Expert Class>, Gyeomjae Jungsun Art Museum, Seoul
2014. 5       <Ewha Art Festival>, EWHA Art Center, Seoul


2017. 9       Expression of Alterity in the Field of Art; Study on the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and Contemporary Artworks about Alterity, vol 26, Study of Ceramic,  Arts(Seoul), pp.5-33.


2016. 12      “Incubator 52; New Tries and Alternatives for Incubating New Artists”, December 2016, Ewha Ceramic Research Center, Seoul, Korea, p.129
2015. 8        “Beyond Limitations”, December 2015, Gimhae Clayarch Museum, Gimhae, Korea. pp.46-51


Workshop / Residency
2015. 7            Beyond Limitations, Clayarch Museum, Gimhae
2014. 6            Intensive Summer Studio, Alfred University, NY
2012. 8            Anderson Ranch Art Center, Aspen, CO


Teaching Experience
2013.8 – 2016.2
EWHA Ceramic Class for Youth, EWHA Womans University, Seoul. Assist Instructor, Taught students in the age of 7-16 basic hand-building, wheel-throwing technique, surface application skills, and decal.
2012. 6 – 2012.8
Camp Ballibay for Fine Arts and Performance, Pennsylvania, US. Full -time ceramic, art instructor, Taught students in the age of 6-18. Wheel throwing and hand-building class. Managed all ceramic facilities in the studio.


Experiences & Project
2016       UNESCO Volunteer Project for Peace (Team EARTH. 2nd Prize), Seoul, Korea
2013       Product Design collaboration with Freelance designer Junghwa Park and Sunny Lee, NY, US
2013       Lively Craft, Student PD, KCDF, Seoul, Korea
2013       Display collaboration, Cafe the Plain, Seoul, Korea
2011       Book Cover Illustration, <Matmyeoneuri>, Jung-A Lee, Seoul, Korea
2010       Docent, Art history Museum of Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea