I am a female maker who pursues to envelop the absurd and irrational idea about a human body, especially the female body as a physical object through sensorial languages. Ironical references found from the history of art and culture easily reveal the position of the physical body as a political object by its form and color. Since a body is a membrane between the internal and outer ecology system that remembers the habitual action and the strength, it always bears uncountable dynamics and vibrations from birth to death. However, fragmented ideology on this physical object limits the diverse language of the body. I search the way of interpreting the history of power struggle and dynamics that have surrounded the mass of this membrane existing in the contemporary context.


Possessing, or being possessed by the physical composition with feminine membrane and bone structure, I document the sensorial and physical experience through writing and making. It is critical to refer to the readymade tool, furniture, machine, and object as well as the physical form of the body itself, in order to visualize and expand the idea. It is ironical to revisit myself as a physical object even by investigating the function of tools that I use and furniture that I sit on. Also, by referencing the anatomical shape and the subtle physiology of the body such as the movement of each parts of the body, digesting systems, the shape of bones, physical and chemical gestures that exists under the membrane of the skin, I find the way to create the form with tactile material such as clay or fabric or powder. The abstract context from the constructed standing form, unharmonized sounds, and a video has an ambiguous timeline that prevents from defining the start and the end. Thus, each of the works has a different level of depth in the context and material use. Belonged to my current conceptual background, I explore the material such as transparent caster wheel, unpainted wood, transparent plexiglass to convey the skinned-off, nude context of a body. Throughout the work, the dialectic question and answer critically continue, seeking the crevice of the visual world in order to implant the alternative language and running away from ideological atrophy.