#Melancholic body

The work is the reflection on the political power on the body, implying its narrative through the combined materials that potentially indicating the body parts or the dynamics within the body. I question the legitimacy of the aspect of single-gazed visual sensory that has coded the physical body into violented social contexts, such as the sexed body or colored body. To escape from the conventionally educated perspectives from the past, the works utilize the combined material that evokes sensorial response beyond the visual language. I reflect that my thoughts on the body had missed the critical thinking because I used to be the one who has been eagerly participating in the legitimacy of the visual world and nurturing the power structure of it. The melancholy and shameful reflection from the past experience and the lack of the critical thinking become internal bleeding, starting from the inside and finally oozing toward the outside of the skin through the holes, pores, smell, fluids, and sound.

Belonged to my current philosophical background, I explore the material such as transparent caster wheel, unpainted wood, transparent plexiglass to convey the skinned-off nudy context of self-shame. Also, by referencing the anatomical shape and the subtle physiology of the body such as the movement of each parts of the body, digesting systems, the shape of bones, physical and chemical gestures that exists under the membrane of the skin, I find the way to create the form with tactile material such as clay or fabric or powder. The abstract context from the constructed standing form, unharmonized sounds, and a video has an ambiguous timeline that prevents from defining the start and the end. Thus, each of the works has a different level of depth in the context and material use.

The intersubjectivity of this disoriented body parts and broken dialogues among them creates the melancholy hierarchy that has no rules. Throughout the work, the dialectic question and answer critically continue, seeking the crevice of the visual world in order to implant the alternative language and running away from ideological atrophy.


#Drawings under construction

Drawing is a constant source of my 3D works and analogue of the base ideas. The juxtaposition of the drawings and mockups have been important in process of adding and reducing. They are usually drawn on the tracing paper, repeated several times in subtly different manners. The motifs of drawings have been various, ranging from observing one specific object, imagery forms, referencing characters in fictions or movies, whichever I find related to the ongoing ideas about body parts, abstracted shapes, body movement and power structure.